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The Piano Game™
“Meet your new piano keyboard salesperson!”

For release 28jun18

Dateline: BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, 28Jun18 —- “Meet your new piano keyboard salesperson!” is The Piano Game™’s latest music dealer thematic initiative. With it, dealers may easily set up a low-cost kiosk which helps them initiate and close piano/keyboard sales by tirelessly demonstrating that anyone who walks in the door is a potential keyboard player and buyer. At last, players of all instruments (i.e., guitar, drums, bass, piano, brass, wind, strings, voice, digital instruments, etc.) and all levels (e.g., beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, professional) can learn to play keyboard/piano without reading music, by playing games which endlessly adapt, to individual level and skill, a large library of authentically played human performances of correctly edited arrangements. Setting up the kiosk only requires a minimally expensive iPad and TV monitor.

The Piano Game™ was developed by US College of Music Research, directed by Professor John Amaral. Says Professor Amaral, “The Piano Game was created from newly-appreciated basic observations that the aural and muscle memories required for developing musical skills which most people have, along with the emotional drive to learn to play, are usually energetically eclipsed by visual processing and that, in modern times, infinitively adaptive motor skills training is embodied in certain computer games. We have taken these observations much further than ever before and created a generalized skills-training system by incorporating machine learning, expert systems, artificial intelligence, biofeedback, formant recognition, human beat induction, expert music editing, etc. The initiative began out of consulting to Mattel, Berklee and Yamaha, private conversations with Steve Jobs, interactions with thousands of music students and master teachers, and was privately developed over many years on several computing platforms, culminating today with iPad™. Patent pending.”

Professor Amaral’s white paper on music learning, updated periodically, is available at

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