The Piano Game Subscriptions

Individual subscribers may create a single user.
Family subscribers may create and manage up to three users.
School subscribers may create and manage up to ten users.
Schools may create and manage more than ten users by special arrangement.
Families and Schools have access to the histories of their users. Friends may wish to collaborate as a group by registering as a ‘Family.’ Histories are stored on the basis of subscriptions, so it’s possible an individual who also attends a school will have separate histories.

Individual and Family subscriptions are by the year, renewing automatically. School subscriptions, for schools or teachers, are automatically renewed in three-month increments.

SUBSCRIPTIONS are available on four levels: Beginner (Free), Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, corresponding to greater complexity, variety and quantity of music. Beyond subscriptions, more advanced music is available in LIBRARIES which may be subscribed-to or purchased for permanent access.

The music in The Piano Game may be auditioned briefly and demoed. When you use the JUKEBOX or demoes to audition and find music you want to listen to in-depth and learn, if you don’t yet have full access to it yet, the program prompts you by telling you which library you need to get.

HOW TO DISPLAY your groups and users:
Select your avatar in the upper left of The Piano Game.
Select “Manage your groups.”